15 August 2006

Managed to catch Simon Bent's Under The Black Flag just before it closed, and had a terrific time. It's a magnificently rumbustious beast and filled the dank Bankside air with gales of laughter to go with the squally weather. My first show at the Globe and in spite of a cold nose, numb bum and hilariously Restricted View I enjoyed myself very much. From my seat - fifteen quid - the stage was intersected by a squat pillar, reducing visibility by around fifty per cent. I came down and stood with the groundlings for a while in the second half, until the rain made my seat an attractive option, pillar or no pillar.

So Everything Must Go has gone. I've enjoyed the writing, but had to work very hard to get it done, as the time pressure bit. Now it's in the hands of Charlotte Gwinner, who will see to the direction. The play is essentially a family comedy, about a couple in their sixties splitting up and getting back together.


RLN said...

Break a leg to all involved in tonight's minis. Wish I could be there.

sbs said...

Belated thanks - it went very well. Missed seeing you in the audience.