02 September 2006

Miniaturists 4

Too long after the event perhaps to give a thorough account of Miniaturists 4. But I must record my thanks to everyone involved. The five writers - Daniel Gritten, Charlotte Allan, Duncan Macmillan, Ian Kershaw and Sam Holcroft - are on this '50' bursary with me and were among a number who took up my offer to write a miniature (I drew five names from a notional hat). The plays were realised by Gemma Kerr, Ellen Hughes, Jason Lawson and Rachel Parish, four directors associated with Southwark Playhouse, and Gordon Murray, veteran miniaturist.
In Dan's play Shark, Paul Croft was monstrous vaudevillian The Great McGinty, and Chris Klein his devious agent, Nebbie.
Suzy Harvey played 'director' Cathy in Charlotte's Heathcliff Number Three, auditioning Michael Lovatt, Milo Twomey and Grant Gillespie for the lead in her interpretation of Bronte.
Ian's play Mr Blue Sky featured Suzanna Hamilton as Jude, and Paul Murray as the telly repair man who comes and wipes all the programmes she's lovingly recorded.
Sam Holcroft's piece Old O'Malley saw Keith Cormican, Daisy Ashford and Erin Hunter get physically involved in an old people's home and covered in stage blood in the process.
And not least, Rosie Thomson made a list of a million good things, in Duncan's play Sleeve Notes .

I can't get my head round the fact that this was the last Miniaturists in that building, but fact it is.


RLN said...

Thanks for producing four Minis - wish I could have seen the last one - feel better soon - keep in touch.


sbs said...

dear R, thank you - and do drop me a line, I haven't got your US email address!