11 September 2006

Reasons To Be Cheerful

The highlight of the weekend was of course this:

Mr Andrew Johnson, Saturday lunchtime, signalling the fact that Everton were now three goals to the good against deadly rivals Liverpool. Hurray. I thought of how Dad would've enjoyed it. Embittered by many an unjust defeat down the years, he'd've been staggered by the fact that, for once, we had all the luck.

Friday, had lunch in Stokey with my good friend L. We sat outside Fresh and Wild eating overpriced food and having a good old moan about everything. Marvellous.

Yesterday, went en famille to the park, sat on the grass in the rose garden drinking tea and watching Buzz roll about. Oh yes. He's six months now and is acquiring new superpowers. Others include pursing his lips so's to look mildly scandalised/titillated, and sitting up unaided (for half a minute).

And there's the show of course. Never has a play seemed quite so far from me in rehearsal, but I'm ever so slowly getting over this thing (whatever it is), so I'll be able to get down to the Playhouse for opening night (tomorrow) if not before. Not been out in the evening since the Miniaturists, three weeks past. But then if I'm tempted to feel sorry for myself I remember B hasn't been out for an evening without Buzz for his entire life.


Judith said...

Stephen, my Dad would've felt the same. Despite being increasingly swamped by The Arsenal via my 10 year old Gooner, it did my heart so good to see Moyesey jogging onto the pitch at the end of the match, delight written large on his face. Hope you're feeling better. Will try and get down to Southwark for your play soon.

Anonymous said...

Now look, this here play at Southwark. The only night I'm in London and able to see it is Friday which seems to be sold out. Let's assume for a moment that I'm extremely important and influential. Would that make any difference?

sbs said...

dear J, watched the highlights again last night, what larks. Moyes has admitted to having a David Pleat moment, very funny and only adds to the all round joy. Have you spoken to any reds? I daren't phone my sister.

Now, anon - Friday is the last ever night at that particular theatre and is a 'friends' night', invite only. But drop me a line - steshark@googlemail.com - and I'll pass on any request. As for your question I couldn't possibly comment!..

Judith said...

Is Friday the last ever night of your play too? That was a a bit quick. I'll never get there. Despite my importance and influence.

PS: I did txt a Liverpool Fan 3-0 and immeditely felt very juvenile.

sbs said...

Yes J, it's a short and sweet run, not to worry... Reason being the play is "presented by a professional cast, supported by an ensemble drawn from the local community", and the latter eight could only reasonably be asked to commit to a limited run. As I type, the show's going up, and I'm stuck at home feeling rubbish. But I'm determined to get there tomorrow. My Mum's arrived from up north and she's booked in for then, so I'll bally well have to go...