17 October 2006

Go, Rascal, go!

Lovely to report that David Eldridge has joined the ranks of blogging playwrights. There ain't many of us (in Britain, anyways) so to have his amiable, estimable presence is properly good.
DE has hit the ground running, too. Though there's a slight worry that he's distracting himself from his Ibsen deadline. I'm not one to talk, however - I'm in the middle of writing a new scene six, a full draft (thirteen scenes) is expected a fortnight today at the latest, and I'm off to see Exiles this afternoon. Actually if I think about past behaviour in the face of onrushing deadlines, this is typical. Perhaps as time shortens, there's the need to fragment the concentration, dissipate any creeping tension.


Al said...

Hello sir,

Thanks for coming to see the play and for your comment. I'm enjoying discovering this rich subtextual bloglike underworld to this writing m'larky.



sbs said...

Yr welcome, Al.