19 October 2006

This Just In

Congratulations to Ben Yeoh, who's just been declared winner of the Gate Translation Award. Yay!


Ben said...

Thank you! It took me so much by surprise. Have you ever had one of those conversations....

"What did you just say...?"
"No. Really?"
"You're joking..."
"I don't believe it..."

And you just make youself sound silly. Well that was me all over.

bean said...

Hi Stephen, not a comment on Ben winning the award but congratulations all the same, but more a way of getting in touch since I've lost your email. I saw on an old post of yours some comment about the NYPD choir singing Galway Bay and wanted to ask a bit more about that and what that was all about. Richard Bean

sbs said...

Ben - it's doubly good you won, because now we get to see a Noh play at the Gate.

Bean - it's a line in the Pogues song we hear every Xmas, Fairy Tale of New York. the next line is "and the bells were ringin' out, fer Christmas Day"
ps The add is steshark@googlemail.com