14 November 2006

Bring Her In, It's Cold Out There

There's a campaign to bring Ruth Evershed back to the Grid. Where do I sign up? No really, where - the link in the article to the fansite that's bombarding the Spooks producers with clever Ruth-related items, well it ain't working, annoyingly. Hope they succeed so Series 7 can end with her and Harry walking up the aisle of some impossibly beautiful Norman church tucked away behind Thames House. But given the writers' penchant for squishing their favourite characters they'll probably be strapped to a nuclear device together whispering I love you's as the time ticks down to the world's end. So maybe she's best off teaching English in Venezuela or wherever the hell she is.

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Rachel said...

Hi there. I don't know if you will ever get to read this because the post it is attached to is so old now (sorry - only just found you via Google). Just a note to let you know that I am one of the mad people who sends postcards from Ruth to Harry from all over the world (it's still happening - over 500 now). We have done lots more mad stuff since last year too. The latest campaign was to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Ruth leaving our TV screens on 9th October. We sent paper goods such as paper hearts, confetti, books, and our trump card was a personal ad in The Times newspaper today. If you are still interested in joining in, the forum postcard campaign thread is at...
Best wishes,