22 November 2006


Not really.
Things are always intensely interesting if they're happening to oneself, naturellement, but's folly to assume our fellow travellers will give a hoot.

Let the follies begin.

Actually this one's a request! From my friends in the north who wanted gruesome detail. It's hardly Marathon Man but here goes. I had another tooth out yesterday. All through the rotten business of having the next door one cleaned out in prep for a filling, I dreaded the worse to come. But when my very gentle and bushy-tailed dentist Ms Patel set to work on the extraction, me half-dead with anticipation of torture (last time was feckin' awful), she sort of knocked it, and it fell out. She even actually said - "Oops! Oh. I think that's it." In a (very) curious way I felt I'd let her down. She'd lost la chasse.

So yesterday was my lucky day. Sort of. I escaped with very little pain and when I reached the library I found a pound coin in my locker. I'd sort of given up on this ever happening again. I found three on one fine day years ago, since when nix. But of course yesterday I went and ruined it all by putting £3 on there being 4 goals in the Celtic-Manchester United match in the evening. There was only the one, in the end - but such a goal.

Today, disaster. I'm packing for the library. Got everything, can't be arsed to make a sandwich, picking up my winter coat from the dry cleaners so no need to put one on... Yes, got my Dickens (work-related speed-reading). Now where's my Robinson Crusoe...
Can't find it. It's only the Penguin, but it's got the superior cover (the one before the present one, painting of a shorescape) - and it's got loads of my notes in.
I'm an idiot if I've lost it.

And then, having just put the washing out, I get to the bus stop and it starts bloody raining.

Never mind. I've cheered myself by sending out invites to a Miniaturists Works Outing - we're kicking off again at the Arcola in January and we thought it'd be nice to have a get-together.

Still with me?
Hope you're having an excellent day...


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the gruesome detail (although I would have gone more into the emotional trauma, blood, teeth flying out left right and centre - but perhaps that's just my innate fear of dentistry coming out). Two medically related blogs in one week - could this become a regular thing - with anonymous medically related confessional submissions from various places around the world. Well mine is the scary notion that, having forced myself to watch the documentary about the state of our nation's youth and binge-drinking on BBC on Sunday, I have been spun into a paranoid fear that my dreadful memory (what's your name again?)and almost complete lack of memory of childhood is due to those copious amounts of malibu / baileys / gordon's gin / cider / beer / stout and anything with a percentage drunk from the age of 10 - but I am rambling and this is not my blog, it's yours. Am catching on to this blog thing - although I try to argue / convince myself - as much to myself as anyone - that it is a work related distraction! How has blogging become a 21st century mode of communication and what does it say about contemporary society that I am sitting here filling in a little box (anonymously) just to leave my tuppence worth - or ha'penny more like. So I will sign off now. Thank you once again for the dentist blog - keep 'em coming. A Northern Friend.xx

sbs said...

Fine, fine commenting. You'll go far. More de-lurking, peeps!
The under-age drinking - don't flap about it, I can't remember my childhood either and all's I drank was the can of Skol my Mum and Dad brought back for me from the club on a Friday night.
When I'm tempted to be irritated by mobile phoners, usually young women it has to be said, yacking away as if their environs and everyone in it were wallpaper, I remember I read a sober piece of social anthropology somewhere saying, oh yes, we use mobile phones to create and sustain the networks that used to happen naturally, when we still lived in extended families as part of smaller communities. Well I think it makes sense to think of blogging as a way of creating networks of people who for good or ill share a mindset, or outlook, who might otherwise simply never meet. I've physically met less than half the people on my blogroll, but I like to check in on them all, listen to what they've got to say.