03 November 2006

The Boosh Is Loose

I'm afraid I've fallen for these chaps in a big way.

A lightbulb moment as Vince's dream is explained and he helps to defeat the Killeroo. Triumphant, Howard celebrates in traditional style - by taking his vest off in front of Mrs Gideon. Big mistake...


Okay, this pic doesn't perhaps flatter the boys, Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, aka The Mighty Boosh. But when you've just gone 12 rounds with a killer kangaroo, personal grooming's the last thing on your mind.

Me and the missus have great tv compatibility, but this is one thing I'm having to watch on my own. I mean, she quite likes them. But she finds the silliness a tad too much.
Especially when they break off into their song and dance routines.
From the episode 'Tundra':

I’m little Johnny Frostbite moving around
Freezin’ you up freezing you down
Like an icicle
Comin’ in your tent like a cold night scissor bite
Arctic death
Infinite night

They call me tundra boy because
I move like an arctic lizzard
When the Blizzard strikes
I disappear like a pipedream
All that’s left is the gleam
Of a tent peg

So what's so silly about that?

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