06 November 2006

The Sharkeys have decamped to Bristol for a few days' change of scene, staying at the in-laws' pad here, right behind the Old Vic theatre school. Cue much traipsing about enjoying not being in London, sleeping in funny beds and marvelling at the plethora of places to drink coffee and loll about. I say we're enjoying the not-Londonness, but we're actually all confirmed Londoners - me by adoption, the others by birth - and will miss the Smoke before too long no doubt. As B likes to joke, this is her parents' idea of a rural retreat, Dr and Mrs S were also both born in the capital.
We're very much in student-land here, the university's all around, and the foggy autumnal weather adds to the general air of unreality and lassitude. We spent the afternoon in the city museum, where we gawped at dinosaur bones and fossils of sea creatures called ammonites, who lived in these parts many millions of years ago.

Here till Thursday when I take a train to Liverpool, there to take in Chloe Moss's play at the Everyman and have a meeting about The May Queen Friday morning. Then it's back to this place to hook up with the team for some more Bristolian r'n'r.

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