31 December 2006

In No Particular Reverse Order, Some Favourites of 2006


As evidenced by Spike's calendar, never failingly adjusted before he goes to bed, it's nearly Time. So here's a quick look over the shoulder before we sally forth.

Franz Xavier Kroetz, Southwark Playhouse, directed by Maria Aberg


Steely poetics from a modern German master


Waiting For Godot
Samuel Beckett, Barbican, Walter D.Asmus


The meaning of life - and it's funny

Simon Stephens, Royal Court, Ramin Gray


"The war was all right. It's just you come back to this"


Dying City
Christopher Shinn, Royal Court, James Macdonald


Iraq homecoming, this time US style

Les Enfants du Paradis
Dudley Hinton & Sebastian Armesto (after Prevert), Arcola, S.Armesto


A film about theatre adapted flawlessly, with joie

Howard Brenton, NT Cottesloe, Howard Davies


Unforgettable scene with Emperor Nero visiting the future saint in prison

Therese Raquin
Nicholas Wright (after Zola), NT Lyttleton, Marianne Elliott


Crime, passion and punishment in a bleakly brilliant version

Summer Begins
David Eldridge, Southwark Playhouse, Amelia Nicholson

Summer Begins

DE's play in a vivacious, touching production


from Apuleius/Euripides, Barbican, Gardzienice Centre for Theatre Practices

Absolutely bonkers - like a lecture on classical drama delivered by the Manson family

Too Drunk To Say I Love You?
Caryl Churchill, Royal Court, James Macdonald

Frightening and fascinating, Churchill decries the 'special relationship' - and years of British complicity in US crimes


There were loads more of course - kicked the year off in fine style by going back to see Richard Bean's very funny Moliere, The Hypochondriac, Market Boy in the Olivier was a right larf, I admired Robin Hooper's Not The Love I Cry For and I was very moved by an early preview of Colin Teevan's Seven Pomegranate Seeds. Dennis Kelly's Love and Money was very fine, as was Martin Crimp and Katie Mitchell's take on The Seagull. And my mate Serdar's done wonders with A Family Affair, Ostrovsky's comedy of (bad) manners and social climbing, still playing at the Arcola. I've actually had a rubbish year with the classics, seeing little Greek (I should really have blogged about Swallow Song) and less Shakespeare. Generally this year's been good but I've not seen as much as I'd've liked. New baby Bernard arrived in March and I had to work harder than for ages on various things, especially The May Queen of course. Resolution? Work much harder still, and see more stuff.


City Slicker said...

Great round up thanks

So much I missed, so much to see...so much I saw so can't really complain.

Happy New Year!

sbs said...

Happy NOOYEAR (in an NYC stylee) to you too!

David Eldridge said...

Glad you enjoyed 'Summer Begins' & 'Market Boy' in 2006 and thanks for saying so.

I'm really looking forward to seeing your play in Liverpool and all the best in 2007.

sbs said...

You too DE, have a great (if not mental) 07.