24 December 2006

Just girding myself for the maelstrom that will be the Wallace and Gromit-themed Christmas morning in just a few hours time.
But before I don the Santa kit, let me point you down the road to Chris Goode's excellent link to a long-forgotten (by me) genius.

Meanwhile the genius responsible for the below is Albrecht Durer (or maybe his assistants!). Go to the page at the National Gallery and you can zoom in on the stunning detail. But is it just me or has the Virgin got the builders in?

So anyway happy Festivus and winterval and nativity of the Christ. As for me, the belief has long gone but the power of the story has me in thrall, as it ever did. The baby in the barn. The kings bow down. The heavens acclaim him. All this stirred up with the cautionary tale of Ebenezer, the terrors and wonders visited on him by the three ghosts. And the fresh hell that is last-minute shopping at four o'clock today, the real Nightmare Before Christmas. The tyranny of our appetites.

Bless us, every one.

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