30 January 2007

With reference to the previous post... it was Q. After saying to the Captain "Now it's time to see if you can dance", he sends the Enterprise spinning across the quadrant to land up face to face with the hitherto unimagined nasty, The Borg. Star Trek sceptics out there may groan, but it's exciting and, yes, thoughtful stuff.
Here's Q reading Shakespeare, opposite one of our finest classical actors.


Having a funny one today. Everything a bit out of whack since the day started with Bernard doing the Screaming Tomato thing (copyright, Ova Girl) at some unconscionably too-close-to-the-night-before sort of time (about six) and since B is reasonably insisting that son number two is no longer entitled to warm milk whenever he wants it, I had to drag my sorry ass out of bed to attend the incident, which also meant looking after son number one's needs as he had also been cruelly yanked into consciousness by the baleful noise.
Then when I get here (early) to work, I'm walking through the side gate as is my wont and I clock several blokes hovering about with walkie-talkies, then I spot the camera crew, the photographers, and have just enough time to wonder wtf when upon that instant I'm aware of the focus shooting toward the gate behind me, two people-carriers sweep through, and out pops - The Richest Person In The History Of The World And He's Quite Famous Too - Bill Gates. Besuited, slight, bald patch. He was at the Library to show off Windows Vista to the media - this was the 'global' launch, apparently. There he is below, bottom left, in the Microsoft office (small 'o') photo in 1978. The company had exactly eleven employees at the time and here they all are.


Directly above him is the interestingly named Bob O'Rear, and get this - before hooking up with this bunch of deadbeats Bob was a NASA astrophysicist and was in Mission Control when Armstrong stepped onto the moon.

Work so far today has included looking through a bewilderingly long list of names and looking them up - casting has kicked off for The May Queen. Can't say too much about all that for obvious reasons but I will tell you that I feel awfully posh as this is the first time a piece of mine has had a casting director.

Sunday at the Arcola was an absolute blast - for me of course it was also a huge relief that it went off so well, I felt very proud of all the writers in particular, I hope they won't mind me saying so in that peculiarly paternal formulation, and it was gratifying and fun that they had two lively houses (the second one was so lively we had to put more seats in) to play to. Their pieces rocked - I'll write about them separately when I have a few more of my meagre wits about me - but I just want here and now to say a public thanks to the Arcola for having us, they were very supportive from the off and I doubt there's a better spot for what we're trying to do. And while I'm in this sort of mood - cheers to my crew, Ruth, Tash, Flavia, Steve and Tim, without whom.

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