04 January 2007

"I'm On The Train!"

My first experience of blogging at 150 kph. First impressions - yes it feels terribly modern, and sets one thinking about connectivity and travel and all that, but still I can't get past the thought that my laptop looks filthy in the sunlight coming through the train window and I really ought to give it the once-over with a wet-wipe now and again...

I'm on The Flying Scotsman, to Newcastle for a flying visit, to see The Little Prince and Thumbelina, the two Christmas shows playing at Northern Stage. Very exciting, and looking forward to seeing Erica and getting the guided tour.

After a sluggish start to the year this is really very invigorating, hurtling north under stunning cloudscapes, blue horizon then grey-black, and back again... I think we're in Yorkshire now, York next stop.

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