09 January 2007

The Mark of The Beast

There are 666 items of spam caught in the net of my googlemailbox.

Meanwhile my blogging self is feeling blue and disheartened at the shenanigans over at Fin Kennedy's place. That someone as generous (that word again) and genuine as DE should be subject to this sort of happy-slappy, disdainful, sneery treatment is just rubbish. I wouldn't blame him if he called it a day and saved his breath for the punters who will continue to beat a path to the theatres that stage his work. I'm hoping not, as I shall miss him and Rascal and all the rest of it.

In his latest post Fin gives a shout out to The May Queen which is very decent of him.

But for those commenters who enjoy sledging creative people for their temerity, and the perceived timidity in our peer reviews - we may not have many teeth but we're still smiling.


Fin said...

I shall miss him too, though I'm sure he'll still be with us in spirit, as a lurker (won't you?).

I mean it about the May Queen, not just cos you're a fellow blogger. I think Liverpool leads the way in putting on plays that are genuinely in touch with their local audience, without being populist. When will you be there? We should have a blog-in.

PS. How do you get to see you site stats in Blogger? I havent worked it out.

sbs said...

For stats I use http://www.statcounter.com/
- does what it says on the tin and dead easy to use.

As for the play, I'll be there a good deal I expect! I agree with what you say about Liverpool Theatres, natch. Susannah Clapp bigged them up recently: http://arts.guardian.co.uk/reviews/observer/
story/0,,1978329,00.html Renaissance is not an overstatement, I think. Obviously am terrified of letting the side down, but that's another story. Going up this weekend for a family party and will catch The Flint St Nativity - can't wait.

David Eldridge said...

Thanks for the support - it's certainly made me reconsider giving up...

sbs said...

Hope the rehearsal room is all good, D.