09 February 2007


Apart from casting, and making a start on my lovely new jobs (which I still can't tell you about yet but hoping that'll change very soon), I've been watching Tony Marchant's amazingly gripping series Holding On with B. We were agreeing last night that it seems much older than its ten years. The hairstyles seem very 19eighty7, and the voracious on-screen smoking is distractingly dated... A more serious point is that the drama is given time to unfold, the relationship between the ill-fated office worker and her sister, for inst, is built up layer by layer till it reaches a tipping point of believability, and begins to touch you in the soft spot. I may be mistaken but it feels like, ten years on, a telly dramatist is encouraged to cut to the chase before way fewer screen minutes have elapsed.

Can I recommend an article? It's in the London Review of Books (8 Feb edition), and is called Otherwise Dealt With... Chalmers Johnson discusses Stephen Grey's book Ghost Plane: The Inside Story of the CIA's Secret Rendition Programme.

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