14 February 2007

I hardly know where to start. The choking incident in the early hours of this morning, turning normally sanguine parents into gibbering wrecks? The unbelievable three hours I spent last night running round an abandoned warehouse in Wapping? Cheering my fellow 50ers as they took to the Royal Court main stage with their gorgeous devised pieces on Monday? Commissioning a miniature musical from one of the said 50? No, let's start with the news that the beautiful people at Encore have revamped their site and through some administrative oversight no doubt there's a link to this place on the front page! A feed, indeed, no less. I am thrilled. I'd like to thank my agent, my wife, my personal trainer...
This is a very nice thing though, I'd gotten used to not being linked to by 'specialist' theatre sites, I guess because I wander off topic a fair bit of the time. And though I expect to be rotated off the front page soon I'm chuffed to've been on there at the unveiling of the new design. So thanks, Theatre Worker. Here's mud in your eye.

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