11 February 2007

I have conceived a mad, strengthening desire to stage a particular Philip Glass song as a sort of miniature opera/dance/piece of performance/live art/whatever you're supposed to call it. I suppose it's a measure of the paucity of my experience in such matters that I don't rightly know what it would be billed as. Chris Goode's recent barely-controlled impatience with us fusty old crusty old playwrights on his brilliant blog (end of the post, and comments) - we're so not with it, it seems, and it's all our own fault for being so li'erally li'erary - has acted as a catalyst. The song is called Changing Opinion and I've become a bit obsessed by it. The lyrics are by Paul Simon. The other song - if it's worth the name - I'm currently deeply in love with is the KLF's What Time Is Love? - don't get me started.

The_KLF-_What_Time_Is_Love _(pure_trance_original)

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Tim Kevan said...

Thanks for the link. I hope very much also that you will never need a barrister. Best wishes, Tim Kevan