08 February 2007

snow 003

It was snow joke for our firstborn today when some of the sticky wet stuff got in his wellies within seconds of embarking on the trek to nursery. He didn't tell me till it was too late, just pulled a sulk at the camera...Poor fella was well miserable and imagine his dismay when he arrived at Aberdeen Park, hoping to divest himself of frozen socks and sit on a radiator, only to be informed that they were all going out to play in the snow... Luckily though Annette was staying in with some of the younger ones so he dodged that particular bullet. And when his mum picked him up she had some clean DRY thick wooly socks with his name on (not literally, we haven't yet experienced the joys of clothes labels).

Auditions are moving forward, I was in on the first London round on Tuesday, in the shadow of the Euston Tower where only last week I handed in my excuse for a tax return. Today and yesterday Serdar and Ginny were seeing people in Liverpool, at the Everyman I think. All very strange - and lovely of course to hear fragments of the play read so well, in such different voices. And so the ship prepares to leave port, the rituals begin.

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