05 March 2007

England Expectorates

So beleaguered was I by the flu Friday last that I missed baby boy's first birthday party, absolutely all of it, unless you count bumping into one of the guests outside the loo. Oh and Dad-in-law the ex-GP came to check that I didn't have meningitis. He did this by running the blinds up, saying "does it hurt when you look at the light?" and on my reply of No he was satisfied I didn't need rushing to hospital.
But of course half the country is stricken with one thing or another just now. Impossible to get any sympathy!

Glad to say I spent some him-and-me time with Bernard this morning. He took me for a coffee at the Arcola and as usual he made a bee-line for the big glass doors, he loves to stand there looking out watching passersby and leaving mucky little handprints on the glass. Being at the Arcola of course I couldn't but be reminded that the next Miniaturists show is less than three weeks away now, Sunday the 25th. Have a look at our website for the lowdown on that. The plays are coming in thick and fast and they'll be a terrific watch, I dare promise.

Gatecrashed Serdar's meeting this afternoon with Adam Cross, Liverpudlian studying at RADA who will be assisting him on The May Queen. Very exciting talking about the whole business of production, design, research, all that. I pinch myself, as usual.

Your very good health.


David Eldridge said...

Fascinating - can't wait to see your play...

sbs said...

thanks mate - me neither!