23 March 2007

We Made Our Excuses And Left

I must just tell you about this. I was with Spike at lunchtime, in the toy shop in Stoke Newington, and we caused the Eastern European lady behind the counter, and her one customer, also a young woman, some amusement by entering the shop in the midst of a lively debate about how many pounds we were going to spend. But that's not the funny thing. The funny thing was this. The young lady customer was, she said to the EE lady toyshopkeeper, after something for a three month old. And off they went perusing the staggering array of trinkets, baubles and objects furry and rattly, shiny and jiggly, beloved of the infant. Then just after me and Spike had settled on a pop-stick (a bit like a pop gun but we don't like guns so that's what we're calling it), and paid for the thing (£3, agreeable to all parties), we heard EE lady say to customer lady -
Ah! Now!
We have these vibrating rabbits!
Have you seen the vibrating rabbits?

And I catch customer's eye at the exact fraction of a second when we both think - did she just say what I think she said?


Urban Chick said...

the vibrating rabbits are *not* for kids?


(but they work so well with our ikea finger puppets)

sbs said...

Oh blimey let's just not go there UC.