17 April 2007

To paraphrase the mighty Windass, I'm writing this when I should be writing that, when in fact I should be at this. Sorry Richard, it's not good form I know, and I expect it means my application to join the Monsterists will mysteriously disappear down the back of the sofa. But I've got songs to write you know, and a miniature play for our show at the Everyman in June, and though I want no sympathy for this I'm behind, having spent most of the past 24 hours trying and failing to set up a wireless interweb connection between my pc and the laptop whereon I write, research and sometimes even blog, effortlessly wirelessly, at the Library. But in spite of the fact that I can breezily connect with the flat upstairs's wireless and so surf in bed when they're online, my own kit's unfathomably duff. Of course all that really probably means is I'm incredibly dim. All that remains is for me to toss a coin - heads I take the wireless router thingy back to the shop, tails I try and get a net-head in to sort me out.

In other news, I rounded off a very exciting week of shows by catching the last night of Owen McCafferty's Mojo Mickybo, a play so full of heart and bite, makes you glad and sad to be alive.

Also I should report that Scott Graham, he of the awesome Frantic Assembly, is movement director on May Queen and has been up at the Playhouse working with the company on one particular scene... can't wait to see the results.


Dave W said...

The mighty Windass? I like it and will be getting a t-shirt printed with it on, which I shall then be giving to Richard Bean to wear, but you're so obviously heading towards breakdown! Have just opened my eyes and realised that we're occupying theatres at opposite ends of the M62 at the same time in May. Nice. Good luck with the time management. x

sbs said...

Well you know the experience of trying to connect to the Belkin customer services, where you give your telephone number one digit at a time to a fella in a call centre in Mumbai, only for him to call a halt to proceedings halfway through because he simply can't hear you because of the 'bad connection' - o the ironing of it - and you're back where you started, staring at the 'Quick Set Up' guide until your eyeballs start solidifying - enough to send anyone barmy.
Nice one about the show, and the popular demand...