01 April 2007

The train is booked, the play is fully cast - now it's time to see if we can dance.

Yes up to Liverpool soon, rehearsals start tomorrow. Well there's a meet and greet in the morning and then your guess is as good as mine. A readthrough I suppose but one never knows, do one?

My sister's away this week so I'll be the only Sharkey in the village, which is odd.

I've got broadband in the place I'm staying, so look out.

I've also got one of those tender spots on my thumb (I'm a nail-biter, for my sins). Someone, you know who you are, blogged about this sort of thing recently and I was fascinated but now it's been edited out. Or did I dream it?

Much to catch up upon, not least Miniaturists 6, I'll try and scratch out something about that very soon, pm's thoughts about blogging and busyness strike a chord but I so enjoy reading everyone else's stuff and besides how could I show my face at the West End Whingers party if I grind to a halt?

Till North, then, pinch punch and more fools us.


David Eldridge said...

enjoy - makes all the long hours working alone worth it...

sbs said...

twenty two people in the room for the readthrough! blimey. and yes, you begin to remember what the point of it all is...
cheers D.