29 May 2007

Checking In

In a minute I'm headed to a meeting in town about a radio play Kepler's Mum's A Witch but I thought I'd stop by to say hello, still alive, still physically and emotionally wrung out and hung over after the closing performances of The May Queen and all that entailed. I was doing alright on the Saturday until I read what some blogger wrote about the play, pushed me over the edge (the sod) and I had a little unmanly moment, release of tension I suppose and I felt all the better for it and was able to watch the last performance sitting next to Mr Serdar Bilis the director and mostly not fret about how it was the last one but enjoy it, in the moment, listening to it and drinking in the sights and sounds of the production. For it's been said a million times but these are butterflies, fleeting things, the insubstantial pageant.

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