04 May 2007

Here comes the first preview then. This week, yes, much gnashing of pencils, scratching of heads, squinting of eyes trying to read the script by the light of an everchanging design, and splitting of ears as bombs land everywhere, when you least expect them. Characters floating about looking glorious or menacing or pitiful.
The play is doing its warm up, stretching and breathing, concentrating, remembering its cues, going through its rituals and routines. Second dress this afternoon, then people are coming in. The May Queen meets an audience - I knew it was going to happen but I never knew it would.


Penny said...

I hope the first performance went really well and continues to go from strenght to strength.

All the best,


Dave W said...

Have a blast man. Enjoy.

sbs said...

Thanks Penny and right back atcha Dave