10 May 2007

Press night last night. The production roared, and the people were there to hear it, that heady pressnight mix, the quarter there for professional reasons, the quarter there for love and loyalty, the theatregoers who bought tickets and were perhaps weirded out by the brew in the air, if not by the incense (Serdar's idea, nice one). Technically the show hit the sweet spot, as for the rest it's hardly for us to say, but I put the thing out there with the blessed help of Serdar, and Gemma, Suzanne, Deborah, Dan, Ian, Scott, Colin, Marie, Roxanne, Sarah, Helen, Alisa, Niall, Paul, Leanne, Mark, Michael, Cathy, Denis, Emma, Dave, Marc, Howard, and with the backup of quite a few others mind, so that it's underlineably true to say, I brought them a script five weeks ago and together we've made a play.

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