17 June 2007

I'm A Jealous Husband


B was at the NT last night with her friend Vesna and afterward they were checking out the Festival Hall refurb, and dammit if Motorhead weren't blazing away, part of Jarvis's Meltdown Fest, aren't they. So it was near the end of their set and B and V were able to wander in and witness the full glory of ACE OF SPADES...

Pushing up the ante
I know you've got to see me
Read 'em and weep
The Dead Man's Hand again

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Penny Culliford said...

Ah well, it's a shock when it comes on suddenly. My family has suffered a lifetime of my bad cooking. It's so bad, I've developed a vocabulary to explain it.
'It's not burnt, it's brulee.'
'Yes it is supposed to have green bits/crunchy bits/black bits in it.'
'It's experimental.' (Used once for the bubble-and squeak where I forgot to cook the cabbage - turned out as a kind of fried coleslaw.)
Don't fight it. Truly bad cooking is an art form.