03 June 2007

Somewhat improbably I am back in Liverpool, in mourning for The May Queen but gearing up for The Miniaturists show here on Wednesday night, which the Everyman is hosting as part of its magnificent Everyword Festival.

It's quite a special thing to be bringing The Miniaturists to Liverpool, our seventh show but our first outside London and the first to benefit from material assistance from a theatre like the Ev.

Here's the bill:

Wicked Women
by Lizzie Nunnery
directed by Serdar Bilis
with Annabelle Dowler, Julia Rounthwaite

by Samantha Ellis
dir. Joe Austin
with Steven Cartait, Laura-Kate Frances

by Rachael McGill
dir. Serdar B
with Steven Pinder, Michael Ryan

Death Of The Small Independent Retailer
by Glyn Cannon
dir. Joe A
with Steven Cartait, Laura-Kate Frances, Alan Stocks

From Bombay To Santa Fe
by Me
dir. Lucy Skilbeck
with Leanne Best, Dominic Carter.


It's not there now. The powerfully evocative design Colin Richmond did us for The May Queen. I went into the auditorium today and there's not a trace. Which is as it should be. But here below, a shot of the set just after the play came down one night in the last week. And below that, a detail.



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