28 August 2007

In The Club


Went to Richard Bean's Brussels farce for the Saturday matinee at Hampstead, and again found myself having a thoroughly marvellous time in the company of RB's writing, with its characteristic swings between acerbity, sagacity and tenderness. This time of course it was accompanied by a barrage of door-slams, switched suitcases, growling Turks and Yorkshiremen, and various plastic appendages. The whole shebang was incredibly likeable, funny and daft. Baffling and irritating therefore to recall the wilfully po-faced reviews. The one piece I read that came anywhere near describing the play I saw was Andrew Haydon's on the Culture Wars site. (Oh and I just looked up the one in the FT , that was pretty good too.)

Meanwhile I'm headed back to 17th century Germany today after a restful holiday weekend, starting on the next draft of the radio play. After that it's draft two of A Christmas Carol, in which I get to write a Christmas carol.

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