18 October 2007

What Is Up? Whatever Could Possibly Be Up?

I'm cycling again, after two and a half years' accident-related hiatus.
Listening to David Bowie right now (Let's Dance).
Working on silly songs for Cloudcuckooland, my version of Aristophanes's's Birds.
Going to Newcastle at the weekend to catch the last night of Our Friends In The North, rehearsals for A Christmas Carol kicking off on the Monday morning, and Newcastle United versus Tottenham Hotspur kicking off at 8 o'clock.
Went to Mustapha Matura's play Meetings at Arcola last night. Absolute gem. Lovely production directed by Dan Barnard.
Okay back to the play. What sort of thing is it? well... The last song I wrote included the lines

We can confirm there are white streaks on the White House
And Air Force One is grounded by our plops

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