10 November 2007

The Secretary-General of Amnesty International gave my wife some flowers last night. And no, it wasn't in a dream. Staff at Amnesty gave a one-off perf of The Cherry Orchard, and B was playing cello in the band. She was roped in by her mate Tom, double-bassist extraordinaire. The band were excellent, and used far too sparingly, he said uxoriously.
B's out at Cloud Nine as I write. She was at school with the director so likes to keep an eye on her progress, old girls' network and all that. I caught up with her monster production of The Emperor Jones just before it closed and was blown away. What a great show.

Later... Mrs S has asked me gently to point out that she's not stalking Thea. In fact Cloud Nine which she enjoyed hugely is the first Sharrock she's actually seen, implausibly. But she has been pleased to note TS's rise in the papers.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I was supposed to be at J's birthday drinks but owing to a clerical error we are lacking a sitter, so I'm on watch, whiling the time by doing this and also reading the most harrowing book, The Road by Cormac McCarthy.


OvaGirl said...

Hey sbs, sounds like you are Busy-ness Itself with the dickens and the birds and all manner of theatre viewings (and cyclings! Three and a half hours!I think Ben would be very impressed at that)Scary scary stuff with Buzz and having to call the ambos...glad that it has been reduced to snottiness (and hopefully by now not even that).
Crazy year all round for writers and not over yet...

sbs said...

Thanks vb. I believe I can so call you, since you outed yourself. I've got my copy of yr book and am taking it for the ride to Newcastle tomorrow (or Newcsy, as our mutual friend calls it...)