30 October 2007

Just had lunch with L at RADA. Actually L ate lunch and I drank coffee. She's directing a Moira Buffini with final year people there. Cycled to town, through Highbury (past the Emirates) and the dusty busy streets round the back between Camden and Euston, with their half-decent cycle lanes.
Pleasantly befuddled about what exactly I'm working on. I mean, it's clearly CLOUDCUCKOOLAND, in the middle of writing that. But many miles to the north my Dickens script is in rehearsal. Wish I could be there more often, going back a fortnight tomorrow to see them running it before they get into the tech rehearsals the following week. (Can't wait to see it in the theatre, Neil Murray's design is to die for.) And this morning, got the studio script through the post, KEPLER'S MUM'S A WITCH gets recorded this weekend. I'll go in for the readthrough Saturday morning. It goes out on Radio 4 early December.
And what then? A bit of thumb-twiddling. A bit of a reading list. I've got a posh attachment to a theatre in the spring, more about that anon, and the Aristophanes will no doubt need polishing up before it goes on in February. But beyond that there's a whiff of unemployment in the air... Have had a great run recently, no grumbling, it's probably only right by the laws of the freelance universe that I have a lean period coming to me. And it'll actually be good to have some thinking time, free of deadlines. But not too much of it. Eyes and ears will be open and when not typing the fingers crossed for what in the poker universe they call an ace from space.

What else? Our Buzz got expelled by his childminder this morning. Hope it's not a sign of things to come, delinquency and all that. Only kidding, it's just a touch of the old separation anxiety. Happens to the best of us.

Congrats and well dones to our colleague Ben Ellis, by the way. I caught his very fine, sensitive, moving (but with a lightness) piece, The Final Shot at 503 on Friday night. Worth the saddlesoreness - 3 and a half hours round trip by bike!

26 October 2007

List 5 things that certain people (who are not deserving of being your friend anyway) may consider to be "totally lame" but you are, despite the possible stigma, totally proud of.

Such is the urging of the meme Lance has sent this way.

1. My high break at snooker is 73 (ten reds, nine blacks).
2. I can (still) read Greek and Latin in the original (albeit with a dictionary at my elbow).
3. In 1990 I went to the Edinburgh Festival as a stage manager - slept on a floor for a month, caroused a lot, changed girlfriend, etc - okay that last bit was a bit eeky - a few weeks after finishing a course of chemotherapy.
4. The evening of the day we got married, B and me and our families went to my soppy Georgian rom-com version of Cinderella at Southwark Playhouse and it was very memorable.
5. I listen to Five Live a lot.

I'm tagging Ova Girl, David, The Whingers, Harriet, and JMC.

18 October 2007

What Is Up? Whatever Could Possibly Be Up?

I'm cycling again, after two and a half years' accident-related hiatus.
Listening to David Bowie right now (Let's Dance).
Working on silly songs for Cloudcuckooland, my version of Aristophanes's's Birds.
Going to Newcastle at the weekend to catch the last night of Our Friends In The North, rehearsals for A Christmas Carol kicking off on the Monday morning, and Newcastle United versus Tottenham Hotspur kicking off at 8 o'clock.
Went to Mustapha Matura's play Meetings at Arcola last night. Absolute gem. Lovely production directed by Dan Barnard.
Okay back to the play. What sort of thing is it? well... The last song I wrote included the lines

We can confirm there are white streaks on the White House
And Air Force One is grounded by our plops