04 February 2008

After a day fussing about behind the scenes yesterday, and the usual relief post-Miniaturists show, and a morning with Bernard, it was back to the keyboard this afternoon for some rejigging of Cloudcuckooland.
Amazing how rehearsals make the play.
Now I'm packing up to head off to the NT, seeing War Horse at last.


OvaGirl said...

Congrats on last Minis sbs, have heard v.jolly things indeed.

By the way, I am awarding you an 'Excellence' badge for your top blogging. No seriously. Come peel it from my blog and adhere to your own. Tis fun.

sbs said...

Congrats yourself, vb. And big thanks for the splendid honour. It means a lot coming from a properly brilliant blogger.I'd like to thank my wife, my agent...