03 February 2008

A despatch from the front line, haha. As if putting on a night of short plays in Dalston were ever at all by any stretch comparable to an actual front line.

Third play is teching at the moment, two more after lunch, doors open at 4.30. Frantic rigging this morning by our valiant crew. Angie and Simon, Paul, Ruth and Emma working well and with admirable focus for a Sunday morning. No one on f.o.h. ergo none of the usual caffeine facilities available... till Gemma clocked on at noon and all was well. I was just told that Vanessa Bates's play At Sea, fifth in our line-up so going up at about 6.30 this eve, again at 9.30, is also, this very day (give or take a dateline), on at the Short and Sweet festival in Sydney. Well I'll be.
Okay time to go see how Gordon's tech is going, should be winding up soon...

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