02 May 2008

Today's the last day of my NT attachment. It's been a sincere sensation. There's that old quote, which for the present purpose I shall gender-transpose: "What my husband doesn't understand is, when I'm looking out of the window, I'm working." Eight weeks of looking out the window. Marvellous. There's a particular atmosphere here, very conducive, and that's down to the staff, artists and others, who are without exception as hospitable and supportive as an incomer could wish.

In memoriam, here are some notes I took, towards some scenes for something I'm not now going to write, having since taken rather a different tack (all that looking out the window you see). But I like the list as a thing in itself (and some of the ideas persist).

James Joyce introduces

Crusoe and Moll

A Garden in Newington

The Queen Goes To The Toilet And Washes Her Hands

The Pillory (Dead Kittens)

Anyone in from Colchester?

A Tempest Off Great Yarmouth

Mary Goes To Nottingham


Bricks and Fire

Sophia and the Lip Reader

The Invention of the Guillotine

Robinson and the Moor


Also in memoriam, eighteen years ago today I took the bus up to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, to be told that the results of my scan were very encouraging and that by the end of my course of chemotherapy I should certainly expect to be free of the disease. Hodgkin's, that is. I remember the feeling very well, as I left the building and looked up at the blue spring sky.


Helen Smith said...

Well, first things first - I'm sorry to hear that you were ever unwell but it's a good to be celebrating being healthy for so long, so hooray for that.

The NT attachment sounds great and I think you should go ahead and write all those scenes and perform them randomly or post them up at bus stops or commandeer a tunnel near Waterloo, Banksy-style, and post the pages up there for passersby to read.

sbs said...

Thank you Helen. Being alive is great, you get to go to places like Clacton-on-Sea, as we did today on a bucket-and-spade away day...

Re those scenes, gawd only know what's going to happen, but that's the fun of the fair, isn't it. I hope some of them at least don't end up permanently resident in the bottom drawer of my head.

OvaGirl said...

Raising a glass of virtual vino to you sbs. Your very good health.


sbs said...

Be well yrself, vb.x