27 June 2008

Happy Friday. As a Gooner-by-proxy I was of course delighted to see Cesc Fabregas take the game by the scruff of the neck last night. Except far more elegantly than the phrase might imply. I can now forgive him for reminding me of the truly wicked Sylar every time I see his mug.

I have discovered the wonderful world of the pub quiz, after an invitation from a playwright of my acquaintance. I´ve been the last three Tuesdays and am now hooked. I earned my spurs by identifying the letter of the alphabet that occurs only once in the names of all football teams playing in the English and Scottish leagues, and naming the club. It´s amazing what pleasure can be derived from getting a point for your team by pulling such arcane knowledge out the bottom of the bag. What´s the only English anagram of persistent?* Name all eight actors who have won Best Actor Oscars twice.

Meanwhile the boys´ grandpa hosted an event at the House of Lords this week and here they are participating in parliamentary democracy.


Off to that Barbican tonight to see that Black Watch. There's been a lot to read about the show, on the web, in the papers, I almost feel I've seen it already. But I'm guessing the 'live-ness' will kick in and away I'll be swept.

*for those of you arriving here from Googling for the answer to this: prettiness.

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paul s said...

pub quizzes...hehehe. Just be careful that you don't go 'hardcore' and get into a league team...you'll end up becoming a class warrior in cup games hosted by Woolton Golf Club. I know...because I was that soldier!