29 June 2008

Yes, ***** from me, as in many other slightly more widely read verdicts. B would take off half a star for the music, which is a bit harsh. I think it was the Barbican sound system that was at fault on that score.

Of course, does it go without saying?, finding the play absorbing and admiring its thrilling execution is not quite the same as endorsing the entire history of the Black Watch. They are at root a killing machine in the service of a country with a long history of using such machinery for its own interests, dark as well as enlightened, whatever the cost to other nation states or tribes. The play treads a very interesting line, lauding the courage and camaraderie, while pointing up the essentially atavistic nature of their business. Men as warriors, fighters, bullies.

Very interesting appreciation of Gregory Burke's play today, from one of the Iraq war 'embeds'.

ps Mrs S now says she's taking a full star off for the 'faux Nyman at ear-splitting volume'. I've said it before, she's a tough crowd.

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