14 July 2008

The Miniaturists are gearing up for a couple of away games. One is at the Latitude Festival in Suffolk, this very weekend. We were kindly invited by Arcola to represent them there, and we are delighted to do so. We´re taking three of our best:

Time Spent On Trains
by Elizabeth Kuti

Death Of The Small Independent Retailer
by Glyn Cannon

Match Play
by Frederic Blanchette, translated by Christopher Campbell.

Hannah Eidinow is directing all three.

The other is in Liverpool the following Tuesday. For that I am resurrecting Hell and High Water, the one I wrote for the first show way back when. Serdar Bilis directing. The other four:

Liar, Liar
by Judith Johnson, dir. Gemma Kerr

by Kellie Smith, dir. Elli Johnson

The Circulatory System
by Laurence Wilson, dir. Matt Wilde

The Ducks
by Michael McLean, dir. Adam Cross.

So that´s all very engaging. I have a further two pieces on at the Everyman that week, all part of the extraordinarily jam-packed two week festival of theatre and writing that is Everyword. Kicking off tomorrow, in fact. On the second Friday is the BBC Docks Project event, and my play Trucking Sugar will be one of nine given an airing. Three Ev writers (me and Kellie Smith and Jonathan Larkin) plus three each under the banner of Live Theatre, Newcastle, and Paines Plough representing the capital. On Saturday I´m on a bill of plays loosely interested in / inspired by the question, What Does Europe Mean To Me? My thing´s called You Can Be With Me.

And did I mention I´m writing a Hansel and Gretel? First draft deadline fast approaching... Bye for now.


Helen Smith said...

Sounds great. Good luck with it all.

sbs said...

Thank you Helen. Same to you for your many and varied.