03 November 2008

I am coming back to this, yes I am. I have been having difficulty keeping on top of things of late, being the sort of person who carries neither diary nor wristwatch. And the blog was, I lately realised, acting as a sort of mental carrier bag, holding all those scraps of ideas and contacts that more together people keep about them in other media.
Anyway I am moved to post this second to lament, O, poor Robinson Crusoe!, as my favourite copy of my favourite book is soaked in coffee that leaked from my thermos. Yes, I said thermos. Look I´m 42 in a few weeks, I´m absolutely allowed.


lucy said...

I heart thermoses

OvaGirl said...

welcome back sbs! And don't worry about the coffee, it will dry and leave RC with a pleasant smell and an intriguing patina. Ever do that thing as a kid making treasure maps? Dunk the paper in coffee, let dry,burn the edges of paper without setting fire to self, draw skull and crossbones and big X and you're done. Argh! me hearties!