17 November 2008

In lieu of any more considered kind of writing, I'm just going to set down that I am very excited about Hansel and Gretel at Northern Stage, they're into week five of a five week rehearsal process, into the theatre next week. I have been visiting of course, working on bits and bobs, ironing, patching, and I will be up again the end of this week to see the last couple of runs in the rehearsal room. But so much happens without me, and when I see the cast again I feel like the uncle who visits every six months and is unfailingly shocked at how they've grown. Also exciting is the research I am doing into a possible Brecht project next year. These two parts of my current existence have only their Germanic provenance in common, and as I have practically no facility with the German language this sometimes seems peculiar. I do have a dictionary, however, and some skills transferable from earlier tussles with Greek, Latin and French. Also I was in love with Mahler's settings of those poems, eg Das Lied von der Erde, and thereby know the odd word.

We did another of those Miniaturists shows last week, and it was a hoot. It was the sixteenth outing, but the first wherein I had not collected all the mini biographies for the programme and shovelled them along on the Friday afternoon to Prontaprint in the Borough for Alan and the team to wrestle with when they had bigger, more lucrative jobs to do. Ah, the joys and sorrows of delegating.

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