27 November 2008

Posting this from The Flying Scotsman, approaching Darlington from the south. Dress rehearsal one this afternoon, dress two in the morning, and first preview tomorrow at two. I am dying to see how it looks - Ian Scott is lighting it, Ian lit The May Queen for us so I know we´re in good hands. Also I have not yet seen a single costume in the flesh as it were, on the flesh maybe, as all the fittings etc were done elsewhere, not at the rehearsal space, so you know as much as I do, if you saw the pics in last Friday´s Guardian G2 that is (they´re not on the website, but one of them is on the Northern Stage one). Neil Murray´s designed the set and costumes, he´s having a busy old week is Neil as he won Best Design at the Evening Standard Awards for his work on Brief Encounter. Which is nice. Well done that man.
Looking forward to arriving in Newcastle, now. For one thing, I need some lunch... Nearly there.


Helen Smith said...

Fantastic. Good luck with it and have a nice lunch when you get to Newcastle xx

Hannah Rowlands said...

That sounds great - I hope it goes really well!

I'm sorry I can't make it up to Newcastle to see the play, though :(

I hope we can find a time for either the Sharkeys to visit Oxford sometime soon, or for us to see you all in London.