19 November 2008

´What have you been thinking about?´ Tom Hodgkinson, idler extraordinaire, suggested we ask this of strangers we meet at parties etc, rather than the time-honoured ´And what do you do?´. Well today, in addition to the seemingly compulsory constant merry-go-round of familiar preoccupations and anxieties with which I will not detain you, I have been thinking about electronic patient databases, my mini play Porno Girl, my big play Hansel and Gretel, Shakespeare and Kemp, and the Baby P case. Porno Girl is due for an outing Friday week in Liverpool, The Miniaturists are taking part in the Cornerstone Festival at Liverpool Hope University. The show coincides with first preview of H&G so I will be in Newcastle, sorry to miss it, but a crack team of Miniaturists are on the case, they will also present Death Of The Small Independent Retailer by Mr Glyn Cannon and The Circulatory System by Mr Laurence Wilson.

Also today I am troubled by the trivial fact that although I correctly predicted the skin on one or both of my heels would break, in these new shoes, and the idea bubbled up that I could do myself a favour by bringing a couple of plasters out with me to work, I didn´t take heed of the insight and so am hobbling around the place in my stiff Doc Martens brogues, a limping admonishment to myself.

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