14 January 2009

How´s things? I am just popping my head round the door to say hello and assure you that this blog may seemingly be down but it is emphatically not out. And where I may have been seized by a kind of midwinter paralysis, compounded by B´s shockingly heavily involving encounter with a cloying virus (five weeks and counting), thereby keeping me busier than usual on the domestic engineering side, I have still managed to have a big show on, the aforementioned H and G, and I will share with you some thoughts on that, not to mention some pictures.

Workwise, the first few weeks of Twenty O Nine are all about plots and plans and proposals, and unhappily it´s in the way of these things that I can´t tell you much at all about them. But the main one this week, I will say, involves peer review of a proposal I´ve made to a university, and this week I have a window in which to respond to the review, and so it will go on, until the decision is reached and communicated to me, in late March. How long can one keep fingers crossed before they lock like that?

I´m off to the second sitting of Every Good Boy Deserves Favour in a short while. My second visit to the NT already this year. I saw Oedipus on the third, which I found very moving. I only wished we could have all reconvened the next day for Oedipus At Colonus.

Back soon, anyway. Honest.


museum of doubt said...

We saw a play at the National not so long ago. Osage County. Such big raving reviews it had had, and yet I thought it incredibly mediocre. We talked about your Liverpool play after, on the bus back to Hackney; how much better it was, how much more adventurous, how much more thrilling and risky. Why didn't your play get to the National? and HOW did Osage County?

sbs said...

Well I didn't see the play and so can't make any reasonable comment or comparison, as for why the NT didn't stage the MQ, it's frankly a mystery and those responsible for the oversight should be hauled before some sort of tribunal, Chris.

But thank you so much museum, to be serious, for your lovely compliment.