28 January 2009

There´s a student production of The May Queen tonight and tomorrow, at Bridgwater College in Somerset. Delighted they´re doing it and looking forward to the promised photos. Meanwhile nothing continues apace... I am beguiling the time with rereading Robinson Crusoe, and watching season 3 of Lost. Surely deliverance must be at hand.
Last night at pub quiz we won a disposable camera, so there may be some overexposed mugshots of the team on here, in time, permissions permitting...
Now I´m off to see Dominic Leggett´s play at the Tristan Bates Theatre, thence home for Match of the Day.

In a word, as my life was a life of sorrow one way, so it was a life of mercy, another; and I wanted nothing to make it a life of comfort, but to be able to make my sence of God´s goodness to me, and care over me in this condition, be my daily consolation; and after I did make a just improvement of these things, I went away and was no more sad.


museum of doubt said...

Did you notice that the Arcola was shortlisted for a South Bank Show last night? In the end it was one by the deserving Mohamed Ali, a graffiti artist. Who gave a wonderful speech, which Kate whatshername should have watched and learned from.

sbs said...

Thanks for heads up, I didn't know they were nommed.Did you see Danny Boyle's BAFTA speech? I hate watching these things but was channel-hopping and caught DB, very sweet.