02 May 2012

Yesterday I finished reading JG Ballard's Concrete Island  (there's a pattern emerging here). I've long been interested in / obsessed with the Crusoe myth of course (see above) and Ballard's livid bruise of a novel is a significant contribution to what's termed the Robinsonade genre. Here are two wildly different covers..

Meanwhile I spent most of the past week solo parenting, as B explored Berlin. The days went pretty quickly, the boys were good company and not super-demanding, and I enjoyed the quiet after their bedtime. One of those evenings I spent watching Andrei Tarkovsky's film Stalker. Geoff Dyer has written a book about his fascination with the piece. A quote from him -

" it's not enough to say that Stalker is a great film - it is the reason cinema was invented."

13 April 2012

Today I finished reading JG Ballard's ridiculously fantastical Hello America. It's playful and witty and sharp, less of a waking nightmare than Crash, a page-turner of a future-shocking yarn. But in addition its melodrama and landscapes, its outrageous costumery and gadgetry, its epic trekking and vistas and its set-piece action sequences positively scream out for cinematic interpretation.