16 April 2014

Brief note on Hillsborough.

There was a moment in a football match in 1998 that has always stayed with me, nutshelling for me why so many of us obsess over this 'game', this 'sport', because it can be this beautiful, at its rare best it has this ineffable grace and power, and these are the qualities we're always panning for, sifting acres of dreck for a glimpse of a gem. This is what the 96 travelled to Sheffield for, twenty five years ago yesterday. Hoping for a Liverpool victory, of course, but they also wanted to see the gem sparkle. In the case of a certain Dennis Bergkamp, playing the game at the very highest level a few years later and himself the creator of one such jewel, as he turns away after scoring he puts his hands to his face, it's just too much, too bright. (he does this in the slo-mo right at the end of the clip.)  Justice and peace for the 96. 

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