21 June 2016

A list of some very good recent things.

Jeff Koons: NOW, at Damien Hirst's Newport St Gallery.

Hockney double portraits at Tate Britain.

Tarkovsky: STALKER, Curzon Soho

introduced by Geoff Dyer, writer of ZONA, a wonderfully fulsome meditation on his benign obsession with the film.

MIRROR, at the Rio, and
IVAN'S CHILDHOOD, at the Rio. This one in the afternoon, hungover, the day the European Championships began (June 10).

PEOPLE PLACES AND THINGS, Duncan Macmillan, Wyndham's Theatre.

In other (good) news: I wrote a short play in one sitting, last Monday: RETROSPECTIVE, for Miniaturists 58, July 17 at Arcola. Two revision sessions since.

I made a passable tarte tatin a few days ago, and tonight, my first red wine reduction. Masterchef has a lot to answer for.

And my addiction to Karl Ove Knausgaard's writing continues. Am on the fourth book, DANCING IN THE DARK.

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